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Leonard Hofstadter
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yo-angie | the big bang theory

Leonard Hofstadter is a former physicist who worked at CalTech. He used to live in an apartment with the world's most neurotic roommate and a sweet collection of comic books, memorabilia and generic nerdy science crap. He used to play Halo with said neurotic roommate, the world's horniest physicist and his sweet woman-shy friend. He had a girlfriend, the love of his life, who he basically stalked and pined over for two years before they started dating.

And then he got randomly transported into Seattle, had a microchip implanted in him and was set loose to deal with a new, strange reality. Now, Leonard is best friends with Sulu, is Beast Boy's roommate and tries not to break everyone's fourth wall while he puts his geek skills to full use. After all, superheroes are real here and he's practically an expert.

Leonard's canon point is pre Season 4. His import mark is a star and it is on his left wrist.